Our Community is open to all who use WordPress. Beginner or Expert — join us!

We are a community of WordPress users in various forms; business owners, developers, designers, bloggers, startups, marketers and publishers.

We see a WordCamp Africa in our near future, perhaps in 3- 5 years!
Interested in planning? Join the WP Africa Slack and let’s get the party started!

A WordCamp Lagos KidsCamp Photo
A WordCamp Lagos KidsCamp Photo

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Our Future WordPress Advocates

A WordCamp in Kenya Picture
A WordCamp in Kenya Picture

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We are curating a list of community members over there.

WordCamp Harare
A photo from WordCamp Harare

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WordCamp Lagos WAPUU
WordCamp Lagos WAPUU

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A WordCamp Cape Town picture
A WordCamp Cape Town picture

“Being a part of our community is definitely fun.”

Our only criteria for being a part of our community is for you to follow the five good-faith rules from the global meetup organizer handbook.

Find it here: https://make.wordpress.org/community/handbook/meetup-organizer/welcome/

A WordCamp in Kenya Picture

Our Goals

  • Build a database for all incoming and current community members in all cities on our continent; Africa!
  • Encourage members to give back to the Global WordPress Community!
  • Encourage and guide the next generation of WordPress users (KidsCamp) on how the software can be a tool for their empowerment!

Looking for a WordPress writer, publisher, designer, developer, marketer, or freelancer to hire for your WordPress Project?

A WordCamp Lagos Day 2 Group picture

We are on Slack!

Currently, the main communication medium for our members is Slack, so download a desktop version or use the web version with your WordPress.org credentials.

If you don’t have a WordPress Slack account you can register at https://make.wordpress.org/chat. If you have any issues or difficulties with setting up a Slack account don’t worry – send us a mail and we will show you how.